Key of Happiness

i think people can't see how much effort i do, how much i give to make everything perfect, i don't know, maybe it's me, always waiting to receive as i give, i know it's wrong, people are differents, everyone have their own way to give, to demonstrate, i can't change them, but i can change, i need to stop caring, because my problem is that i care too much and them don't give a shit about it, i'm a caring person, i've been hurt everytime, i'm tired of getting hurt, i'm tired of try make people see that when i'm with someone, i'm with someone, i don't fucking care about anyone else, i'm always 100% honest, i don't have reason to lie or hide nothing, and i want the same, but like i said before, people are differents, so no care no hurt, i don't know if it's the right way, but i'm fucking tired, i need to be happy, i deserve it.

"I tear my heart open, I saw myself shut
And my weakness is that I care too much"

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